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  • Do cats have a favorite person

    - By : Laura A

    Do cats have a favorite person

    Have you ever observed that cats can have more affinity with a person in a household? 

    On the other hand, there may be a person in the household that the cat associates less with. It is important to know the reasons for this behavior in order to be able to improve the relationship with this pet.

    But don't panic, we are passionate about this subject and know exactly how to help you. In this article you will discover :

    • Do cats have a favorite person?
    • How do you know if your cat's favorite person?
    • Why do cats get attached to one person?

    The fact that a cat has a favorite person in its household is easily explained. You'll know exactly why this is the case.

    Let's find out together now.

    Why do cats get attached to one person

    Do cats have a favorite person and why

    To the question "Do cats have a favorite person? the answer is yes. The reason why a cat is more attached to a particular person can boil down to communication. Often described as distant, independent, they are actually great communicators, and they particularly appreciate people who can meet their needs.

    Indeed, their meows, their body language are all clues to express what they feel and what they want. If a person is more sensitive to their communication and understands what the cat is trying to tell him, your small feline will be more attracted to that person.

    In addition, that person's ability to adapt to the cat's preferred method of communication can influence the success of the relationship. Every cat is different, so there will be an appropriate response to your cat's meowing and body language signs. This may include a cuddle, play time, respect for their space and of course the food.

    Why do cats get attached to one person

    As discussed in the previous paragraph, cats attach themselves to a person primarily because the person is able to decipher their needs and emotions.

    In addition, cats choose a favorite person based on past experiences with that person and the degree of trust. In fact, if the cat has had only positive experiences with that person there has been a positive reinforcement of this bond that grows stronger every day.

    How do you know if your cat's favorite person

    When a cat likes a person, it shows it by the following actions :

    • It gives you headbutts not love;
    • Its tail always contracts at the end or wraps around your legs;
    • He shows you his belly;
    • The purring means that your cat is happy in your presence;
    • Your cat brings you "gifts";
    • Your cat bites you a lot;
    • It gurgles all the time or makes sounds;
    • It follows you constantly;
    • Your cat licks your hair or licks your ears;
    • Your cat kneads you with his paws;
    • She blinks slowly when she looks at you;
    • He sleeps close to you.

    These behaviors show that the cat prefers one person and spends most of its time with that person.

    cat and owner

    How to become a cat's favorite person

    If you have just adopted a cat or are trying to establish a trusting relationship with one, here are some tips:

    • Socialize with them from the beginning: As soon as your cat arrives in the home, establish a relationship of trust with your cat by offering moments of play, cuddles or simply by talking to him;
    • Respect their personal space: It is important to interact with your pet, but some cats also need time alone. If your kitty goes away to hide or take a nap, give her some time to herself.
    • Pay attention to communication signals: Your cat may approach you when it is looking for something, such as food or interaction.
    • Feed them : Cats react to food and safety, so being the one to provide food can win their favor. The cats domestication has resulted in their owners providing a regular source of food.
    • Playing with them: Play time combines attention and exercise to create a sense of well-being and strengthen the connection between you and the cat. In addition, once they get tired of playing, they are more likely to settle down on you for a cuddle.
    • Positive reinforcement: When your cat does something positive, give her a treat.

    The bond naturally occurs between cats and the people who treat them well. So, if you take good care of your cat, keep her happy and safe, you'll become her favorite person.

    The cat chooses a person she prefers

    As you can see, a cat chooses a person with whom it can communicate more easily and who understands it.

    With all this information, you are an expert at understanding why a cat may have more affinity with one person than another.

    The relationship you have with the cat is important. This is why we suggest that you first learn about the personality of the cat species before choosing it. It is important to know if you prefer an active cat (like the Bengal) or a calmer cat (like the Persian).

    Calming cat bed


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