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  • Cat Brooch

    - By : Laura A

    The cat brooch, a fashion jewel not to be missed

    What better way to add shine and elegance to your outfits than with a brooch.

    A brooch gives a lot of information about you and your personality. That's why wearing a cat brooch shows your love for cats and what they stand for.

     In this article you will discover :

    • What is a brooch and where does it come from?
    • What are the different cat brooch

     The brooches and especially the cat brooch will no longer have any secrets for you.

    You will know exactly what the most popular cat brooches are.

     Let's discover all this together now. 

    What is a brooch? And where does it come from?

    A brooch is a piece of jewelry that is attached to clothing for an essentially aesthetic purpose. It is a mainly feminine jewel. It is generally composed of two parts, the decorative part which is placed forward and the hidden fastening behind (often in safety pin) which is fixed on it either by gluing or by welding.

     It is an object of variable size, material and shape even if the method of attachment (usually metal) often remains similar from one pin to another.

    The ancestor of the pin is the fibula and the first ones date back to the Bronze Age. It is an object often realized in creative leisure. Conversely, it is also a jewelry object that can be made of precious metal (gold or silver) and decorated with precious or semi-precious stones.

    Brooches were an important symbol for the wearer, as well as his class and ethnicity. It was a very strong symbol of nobility. Over the years and especially from the 18th century onwards, it became very popular to wear brooches in the hair as an expression of mourning. Later, portraits were introduced in brooches as a souvenir.

    Cat Brooch collection

    What are the different cat brooch?

    There is a wide variety of cat brooch to fit all your outfits. Below is a non-exhaustive list of cat brooch :

    • Vintage cat brooch: This is a brooch that seems to date from a relatively old time.
    • Acrylic cat brooch : This is a brooch made from acrylic.
    • Sterling silver cat brooch: This is a 925 sterling silver brooch representing a cat.
    • Celtic cat brooch: These are brooches or pins of Celtic type.
    • Art deco silver cat brooch : This is an art deco style brooch.
    • Gold cat brooch : These are brooches representing cats in gold or gold color.
    • Antic cat brooch : This is an antique style cat brooch.
    • Black and white cat brooch : This is a brooch representing our feline friend in black and white. It will add elegance to your clothes.
    • Cat and mouse brooch : It's a funny brooch representing a cat and a mouse together.
    • Siamese cat brooch : This is a brooch representing a Siamese cat. 

    Things to remember

    • It is a fashion accessory that attaches to clothes with a rotating clasp and is essentially aesthetic.
    • It is a jewel that is mainly intended for women but there are also some for men.
    • It is usually worn on clothing: dresses, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, hats, scarves and sweaters.
    • It is made from various materials such as feathers, shells, ceramics, metals, crystals (Swarovski, glitter, ...).
    • There is almost no size limit. They can vary from tiny to very large. The fixing method will generally remain the same from one pin to another. 

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