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  • Top 5 Cat Bracelet for real Cat Lovers

    - By : Laura A

    Top 5 Cat Bracelet for real Cat Lovers

    Jewelry has always been appreciated by women and men. Symbol of personality, independence and aesthetics, they leave no one indifferent.

    Cat jewelry also includes cat bracelets. Thin and discreet, strong of fantasy, they will perfectly match your wrist and your character. In this article, The Cat Paradise has made a top 5 of the best cat bracelets.

    Cat Bead Bracelet

    Bead bracelets have become increasingly popular over the years. They come in many colours and are made of many materials. Their choice depends on the shape of your wrist, but also on whether you are a man or a woman. Indeed, men will turn to black, white or grey pearl bracelets to have a style that combines discretion, virility and elegance. But women will rather turn to warmer colours to exercise their "bewitching power".

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    Silver cat bracelet : A chic and discreet accessory

    As a metal, silver has considerable health benefits and has been used for centuries in all cultures. Take advantage of all the benefits of this metal by wearing Silver Cat Bracelet now.

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    Cat Bracelet Charm

    The word "Charm" refers to a small object that you carry with you and to which you attribute a power. It is a kind of amulet or lucky charm. These little jewels that hang everywhere have a strong symbolic representation. They are supposed to embody the personality and tastes of the person wearing them, and thanks to their infinite combinations, Charm catwear allows you to create the accessory that suits you best. You can even change it to suit the different outfits you wear.

    Customise your charm bracelet thanks to the numerous cat charms, you can also compose your bracelet to make it a truly unique cat jewel.

    The collections with charming cat charms are available on The Cat Paradise (beauty woman, softness pattern, black kittens...).

    Amazonite Cat Bracelet

    Amazonite helps to restore serenity of mind, it promotes the assimilation of positive experiences as well as pleasant thoughts by rejecting all negative ideas and helping to manage unpleasant experiences that one may have had. Thus Amazonite helps to look to the future.

    This bracelet combines the benefits of the amazonite stone while reminding you of your love for cats and what they represent.

    The Bling Bling Bracelets

    Bling Bling comes from the hip-hop scene and has become a fashion in its own right. It's about wearing jewellery that is showy (shiny and glittering). The Cat Paradise has a collection of bling bling bracelets that evoke your favorite pet.

    Luxury Cat Bracelet

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    Why wear Cat Bracelet?

    A cat bracelet is a sentimental object. It represents the importance of cats to you. Wearing cat jewelry allows you to express your passion and above all to show that you are a true cat lover. Through their unusual appearance, this precious bracelet makes you feel original.

    Moreover, cat bracelets are a must have for any occasion and any look. Therefore, if you love cats and you want to defend this love without complex, you will be seduced by the selection of cat bracelets offered by The Cat Paradise.


    Characteristics of cat bracelets

    The cat bracelets are finely designed and made of 925 silver or covered with gold. Whether it is multi-coloured, silver or gold, this jewel is unique and reflects the personality of the wearer. On The Cat Paradise, find the cat bracelets that fit your size, your style of clothing and all occasions.

    The cat bracelets are available in different precious metals. You will find them mostly in gold or silver. Semi precious stones can also be associated. This is how you will come across jewels adorned with zirconium oxide diamonds in the colours of crystal, ruby, turquoise and emerald.

    The cat bracelets are one size fits all or are adjustable. In terms of size and volume, there is something for every taste. If some sound discreet, others do not go unnoticed.


    Buying a cat bracelet

    The purchase of our cat bracelets is made online. The Cat Paradise offers you the largest selection of cat bracelets.

    To get into fashion with The Cat Paradise, click on the jewel you like and click on "Add to cart" to continue shopping and enjoy free shipping.

    To thank you for your reading here is 10% discount on all jewels with the discount code: CATJEWEL10

    Your order is validated by a notification on your email address. The purchase is concluded as soon as you pay by credit card.

    Maintenance of the Silver Cat Bracelet

    In order to maintain the shine of your cat jewellery, you must take care of its maintenance. Even high-quality metals can oxidize slightly through sweat, dust, cosmetics and chemicals.

    - Method 1: One of the care tips is to gently soak silver cat jewellery in very hot soapy water. Marseille soap is highly recommended. After the bath, brush the outside and inside of the bracelets. Use a soft toothbrush for this purpose. Finally, rinse them with clear lukewarm water and dry them with a soft or ultra-fiber cloth.

    - Method 2: Mix water with baking soda in a glass. Soak your silver cat jewelry and wait from 1 hour to several hours. For the dirtiest jewels, do not hesitate to rub them gently with a toothbrush or a fine brush. A simple rinsing and drying will then be enough to make them look as good as new.

    The cat bracelets should then be stored separately in their respective boxes to avoid rubbing. They can be polished once a year to remove scratches and give them back their shine, but it is nevertheless not recommended to perform such an operation on gold-plated jewellery.

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