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    - By : Laura A

    Why wear cat jewelry today?

    Jewelry has been around since the dawn of time. They give an indication of the social status, sentimentality or beliefs of the person wearing them. Endowed with an aesthetic dynamic, a piece of jewelry accentuates the splendour and value of a person. In the past, jewelry could mean and symbolize many things to the people who wore them and their meanings differed from time to time and from culture to culture. This article will explain to you the importance of wearing cat jewelry.

    Cat Symbolism

    The cat's totem animal teaches us patience, the art of good timing for action and the courage to explore the unknown with confidence. Those who have the cat as a totem animal can be encouraged to develop their balance between independence and sociability.

    The harmony between light and shadow, time for action and time for observation are also attributes of the cat's totem pole.

    The cat has several meanings that are articulated around the notion of a subtle balance between opposites such as inside and outside, action and rest, light and darkness. This totem animal is strongly symbolic of the connection with what is usually hidden or the mystery of the unknown.


    The attributes related to the cat are as follows:

    •  Clever
    •  Intelligent
    •  Selective
    •  Secret
    •  Mysterious
    •  Intuitive
    •  Intelligent
    •  Independent
    •  Supernatural
    •  Vigilance

    The spirit of the cat's totem pole is of great help to those who need to find the courage to tackle persistent problems or concerns in their lives. The cat is known to be a good hunter who uses not only strength, but a keen sense of when to attack. It seems to follow its prey and be able to wait patiently and position itself until it catches it.

    By affinity with this totem animal, you may be able to tackle everyday problems with patience, confidence and a good sense of timing in your actions. The wisdom of the cat's totem lies in the ability to remain calm, observe and then act when the time is right. This way, you are better able to achieve your goal and preserve your energy, even in times of intense tension and action.

    By wearing jewelry that reminds you of our totem animal and our love for cats, you will remember its attributes every day.

    Characteristics of cat jewelry

    Cat jewelry is finely designed and crafted in 925 silver or covered with 18K gold (luxury). From the simple cat ring to luxury jewelry, each piece of jewelry is unique and reflects the personality of the wearer. On The Cat Paradise, find cat jewelry that fits your size, your style of clothing and all occasions.

    The cat-shaped jewelry is available in different precious metals. You will find them mostly in gold and sterling silver. Semi-precious stones can also be associated with them. For example, you will come across jewelry adorned with diamonds made of zirconium oxide in crystal, ruby, turquoise, emerald or diamond colours. There are also beaded cat jewels with all kinds of sparkles. This means that in the end, you have a variety of jewelry in several colours (black, pink, blue, ...).

    The cat jewelry is perfectly adjustable. In terms of size and volume, there is something for everyone. If some are discreet, others do not go unnoticed.

    Types of cat jewelry

    The Cat Paradise offers seven main types of jewelry from the cat collection.

    The Cat Necklace

    These are cat necklaces and pendants. Find finely designed ornaments (love ears, pink heart ears, etc.). The chain is offered with your precious metal pendant (925 silver or 18k gold).

    Wearing a necklace will enhance the bust of the person wearing it. It is not often easy to choose a necklace according to one's tastes, morphology and clothing trends. Cat Necklace are an excellent way to show your love for this feline.

    Discover our Cat Necklace collection

    The Cat Paradise offers a selection of cat pendants. They will allow you to complete your necklace and above all personalize it to your image.

    Discover our collection of Cat Pendant

    Cat Rings

    Jewelry has always been an element of communication and an incredible sign of femininity. As you can imagine, the Cat Ring is an excellent indicator of your personality and identity. Very original, the Cat Ring is becoming a real trend that continues to grow and bring a maximum of softness and femininity to all those who wear it.

    Reveal your Feline personality with this magnificent Collection of fine and elegant silver Cat Rings! Do you love cats? Then you will love wearing this sublime jewel...

    Rings, whether in costume, silver or gold, have always been a must in a jewelry box. You wear them every day or for certain occasions. Wearing a Cat Ring shows your love for cats and what they represent.

    Cat Ring

    Discover our Cat Ring collection


    The Fancy Rings

    The fancy rings are fashion accessories that bring a touch of elegance and femininity to your style, they also allow you to dress up an outfit.

    Discover our collection of Cat Ring "Steel"

    Silver Cat Ring

    Wearing silver jewelry has properties that we have mentioned in the section on bracelets. There are adjustable and non-adjustable rings. Adjustable silver cat rings offer the advantage of not necessarily taking the measurements of one's fingers.

    Discover our selection of Silver Cat Ring

    Why Wear a Cat Bracelet

    The cat bracelet will allow you to sublimate your wrist. They will accompany you for all circumstances thanks to a wide range of colours and materials. It will depend only on your style. Indeed, whether it is a classic suit, a dress, a blouse, a suit, a shirt or a T-shirt, you will surely find something to decorate your wrist. The cat bracelet will show your love for your favourite animal.

     Discover our selection of Cat Bracelet

    Cat Bead bracelet: an accessory for both men and women

    Cat Bead bracelets have become increasingly popular over the years. They come in many colours and are made of many different materials. Their choice depends on the shape of your wrist, but also on whether you are a man or a woman. Indeed, men will turn to black, white or grey pearl bracelets to have a style that combines discretion, virility and elegance. But women will rather turn to warmer colours to exercise their "bewitching power".

    Discover our selection of Cat Bead Bracelet

    The silver cat bracelet: A chic and discreet accessory

    As a metal, silver has considerable health benefits and has been used for centuries in all cultures. Silver has already proven itself as a powerful antimicrobial agent in the fight against infections and in the prevention of colds and flu, wound healing, etc. Silver also helps regulate internal heat and circulation. Many have reported improvements in energy levels and mood balance after wearing silver, as its natural properties can compensate for external electrical disturbances, improve circulation and body temperature balance, and help maintain cleanliness and immunity.

    Discover our Silver Cat bracelet collection

    Luxury Cat Bracelet

    Bling Bling comes from the hip-hop scene and has become a fashion in its own right. It's about wearing jewelry that is showy (shiny and glittering). The Cat Paradise offers a collection of bling bling bracelets

    Discover our collection of Luxury Cat Bracelet

    Cat Charm Bracelet: The essential fashion accessory

    The word "Charm" refers to a small object that you carry with you and to which you attribute powers. It is a kind of amulet or lucky charm. These little jewels that we hang everywhere have a strong symbolic representation. They are supposed to embody the personality and the tastes of the person wearing them. Thanks to its infinite combinations, the Cat Charm allows you to create the accessory that suits you. You can even change it as you go through your different outfits.

    Customise your charm bracelet thanks to the numerous cat charms, you can also compose your bracelet to make it a really unique cat jewel.

    The collections with charming cat charms are available on The Cat Paradise (beauty woman, softness pattern, black kittens...).

    Discover our selection of Cat Charms.


    Why Wear Cat Earrings?

    With their almost magical power and their classic as well as sophisticated style, earrings give your face a glow and strengthen your confidence. Wearing earrings can change everything. These little nuggets on either side of your face completely change the way you wear your head. Wearing cat earrings can be very feminine. To accentuate the oval of your face or to give a glow to your complexion, the power of this jewelry is endless. It will make you stand out...and noticed! When you decide to wear earrings, the good thing is that you have a choice. They come in an infinite variety of shapes and materials.

    The pendants

    The movement, more or less long, of this type of earrings can brighten and lengthen faces that are a little chubby as much as the silhouettes.


    Wearing earrings is wearing creoles. Indispensable for any collection of ear jewelry, of different sizes, small, medium or large, circular or semicircular, they allow you to adorn your ear in all circumstances.


    Attached to the earlobes and with very discreet patterns, they will dress your ears with a small stone or a pearl. They give the impression that they are simply placed on the ear, without any visible attachment. It is very chic and most of the time, they match all your clothes. Whether in silver, gold, diamond, with pearls, stones or junk, there is something for every price and for every taste.

    Discover our collection of Cat Earrings

    Cat Jewelry Set

    The Cat Paradise provides you with matching cat jewelry set. What better way to go out than with a harmonious cat necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet.

    Discover our selection of Cat Jewelry Set


    Cat Brooch Jewelry, an indispensable and trendy fashion accessory

    It used to be customary to wear a brooch to close these garments (jackets or coats).

    This accessory had a real function rather than meeting aesthetic needs. Today, everything is allowed. Regularly, brooches and pins on clothes are back in fashion.

    But don't forget that you are the one who makes the fashion. The trend is only the emergence of a trend created somewhere, by anyone.

    Discover our Cat Brooch collection

    Buying cat jewelry

    The purchase of our cat jewelry is made online. The Cat Paradise offers you the largest collection of cat jewelry.

    To get into fashion with The Cat Paradise, click on the jewelry you like and click on "Add to cart" to continue shopping. Or "buy now" if you want to buy only one jewel or item.

    You will then fill in a form with your address and will be able to enter your coupon code if you have one.

    To thank you for your reading here is 10% discount on all the jewels with the discount code : CATJEWEL10

    Your order is validated by a notification on your email. The purchase is concluded as soon as you pay by credit card.

    The maintenance of cat jewelry

    In order to maintain the shine of your cat jewelry, you must take care of its maintenance. Metals, even of excellent quality, can be slightly oxidized by sweat, dust, cosmetics and chemicals.

    - Method 1: One of the maintenance tips is to delicately soak the cat jewelry in very hot soapy water. Marseille soaps are highly recommended. After the bath, brush the outside and inside of the jewels. Use a soft toothbrush for this purpose. Finally, rinse them in clear warm water and dry them with a soft or ultra-fiber cloth.

    - Method 2: Mix water with baking soda in a glass. Soak your gold or silver cat jewelry and wait 1 to several hours. For the dirtiest jewels, do not hesitate to rub them gently with a toothbrush or a fine brush. A simple rinsing and drying will then be enough to make them look as good as new.

    Cat jewelry should then be stored separately in their respective boxes to avoid rubbing. They can be polished once a year to remove scratches and give them back their shine, but it is nevertheless not recommended to perform such an operation on 18k gold-plated jewelry.

    Discover our Cat Jewelry collection

     In conclusion, the main reason to wear cat jewelry today is to show that you are a true cat lovers.

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