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  • Learn more about the cat spirit animal and why you need a Cat Totem

    - By : Laura A

    Learn more about the cat spirit animal and why you need a Cat Totem

    For a very long time, people have owned cats as a great way to keep themselves happy. Cats are amazing companions, they are always pushing the boundaries to do that, and the results themselves can be staggering every time because of that. Owning a cat can be a rollercoaster ride, but we can all agree that they are some of the most impressive and distinctive pets that you can find out there. And that alone makes them some of the most impressive animals in the world.

    What is the Cat Totem about?

    You will notice that the Cat Totem is telling you to focus on timing. It’s all about knowing when it’s the right time to explore the unknown and really push the boundaries to enhance your life and take it to that next level in a clever manner. If you have a cat as your spirit animal, you will also need to try and create a sense of balance between being with others and becoming independent.

    That will be a very fine line, and you have to address it wisely and with the right ideas in order for you to work great with it. The most interesting thing about Cat Totems is that they also focus on relationships, despite showing a sign of independence all the time. That’s the main thing about cats, they always strive to observe and take action.

    But as you can see, the Cat Totem is also about discovery and finding some new ways to push your world and ideas to the next level in a clever and distinctive way. Not only is it going to expand and grow adequately, but it provides you with unlimited potential and you need to use that to your own advantage in a clever and unique manner.

    Cat Totem representation

    When you wear a Cat Totem, you need to figure out what this is and what it represents. Finding that can be very tricky and challenging, and it’s mostly related to how you identify with cats as a spiritual level. For the most part, a cat will carry multiple meanings. Normally a cat is a symbol of balancing two polar opposites. That sense of connectivity will offer you a way to handle just about anything in life, regardless of the challenges that might arise and the situations that can appear in the long run.

    Furthermore, Cat Totems are a sign of patience. You are taking your time as you try to figure out which is the right moment tom act. They are also bringing in a sign of independence because you get to connect with others and focus on personal growth.

    Cat Totem also signify that you have a spirit of courage and you focus on adventure. That really helps you a lot and it gives a sense of growth and value while also constantly pushing the boundaries in a very dependable and creative manner no matter the situation. You get to heal from inside out, which is always going to be a major plus.

    You should also know that cats symbolize curiosity. They are descendants of feral animals, so they are attackers and they are constantly focused on expanding their dominance. That alone makes them fierce, but also powerful and they know all the risks and challenges that can arise. However, what a lot of people don’t know about Cat Totems is that they showcase a relaxed and deep connection with yourself. It’s something different, yet amazing and the results themselves can be nothing short of distinctive and fun all the time because of that.

    The day to day cat you see right now is not the one that was common for the American Indians. European settles brought cats in the American regions. Which means the Cat Totem is not a part of the Totemic traditions of the Amerindians. That being said, the Cat Totem has quickly been adapted to the market and it managed to enter multiple cultures all over the world. Since cats are a part of our lives nowadays, they are constantly inspiring us and bringing in front some resounding benefits.

    The power of exploration in Cat Totems

    A Cat Totem does focus on the idea of exploration and constantly pushing the boundaries in a clever way. Remember that cats are very active during the night and they actually get to see in the dark too. Due to the fact that they are active in the dark, some cultures associate cats with the darkness realm. In fact, some see them as a sign of dark magic and witchcraft. That becomes even more prevalent, especially if the cat is black.

    When you have a cat as your spirit animal, this encourages you to explore things in your life that might not be as prevalent or as important to begin with. It really manages to push the boundaries and the results themselves can be staggering at all times.

    Harnessing power from your Cat Totem is all a matter of perspective and knowing how to push the boundaries to make the totem work for you. There are specific ceremonies focused on healing, bringing in a positive change and also enhancing your mental and physical approach in a clever and comprehensive manner all the time.

    Know to act when you are ready

    One thing to note about cats as a spirit animal is that the Cat Totem can help boost your courage. It allows you to focus on those concerns and challenges in your life. You’re not stopping on that, instead you get to finally consider the cause of that issue and you start solving it. After all, cats are more than just a hunter with force. They also known how and when to time the attack so it can be as powerful and as comprehensive as it can be.

    You need to study everything with patience and you have to constantly push the boundaries to make things work in a dedicated manner all the time and without challenging. When you are connected to this type of feline, you will also get the same sense of confidence that cats do. You will have a lot more patience, which makes you think clearly and at the highest level all the time. Cats are full of wisdom and they have the potential to keep you quiet and observe at all times.

    Due to that, you get to know what goals you have, how you can reach them and how you can time your energy to make the most out of it. Even if there are moments of tension in your life, you will finally know how to deal with them appropriately and at the highest possible level without feeling challenged or anything like that.

    Staying focused on your independence

    One of the top advantages of being connected with the Cat Totem is that you constantly get to maintain your independence. Sure, cats are cuddly and fun, but they are also heavily independent. They work really hard to deliver amazing results and the payoff itself can be nothing short of amazing all the time in a situation like this. You must understand the challenges that appear and create a connection and balance between your alone time and the need to socialize.

    Cats do that very well, so the Cat Totem is the one to guide you through the entire process. It’s a very creative and distinctive process with lots of ups and downs. But it has the potential to really push things to the next level in your life and that on its own can make a huge difference in a situation like this.

    To make things even better, the totem will help you find the inner truth and see who you are, what you are meant to do and how you can achieve goals. It’s always going to be a struggle in your day to day life. But the most important thing is how you act and what challenges you are dealing with. Once you do that, nothing will stand in your way and you will be heavily impressed with the results and the way everything works here.

    Flexibility and agility

    We all know that cats are born hunters and they are very agile. Their flexibility is something that you rarely see in the animal world. They will always land on their feet regardless of the situation and what might happen. The thing that you will like about cats is the fact that they never give up and attempt the same thing multiple times in order to achieve success. You definitely need to learn from that, because it helps you push the boundaries and constantly find new ways to move onward.

    When you are connected with the Cat Totem, you will be able to boost your flexibility in a huge range of ways. You can focus on your spirit, on your emotions as well as your spirit and your mind in a clever way all the time. This helps you boost your perspective, while also making sure that you can act wisely and always focus on the best results. In case the cat spirit animal is a part of your life, you get to have a new outlook. It’s all a matter of perspective as you try to assess the situation and see how you can adapt that to your life in a meaningful and powerful manner all the time.

    What can cat dreams tell you?

    Sometimes the Cat Totem will also make you dream about cats and the tremendous power that they can bring to the table. Dreams about cats are all about sensuality and many times they are connected to the mysterious and mischievous part of you all the time. If you have a black cat in your dreams, that means you must be focused on your intuition. Some cultures believed that cats are able to travel between dimensions and they do hold amazing power. Obviously that’s not possible, but it does go to show the tremendous power these animals have and how comprehensive and powerful they can really be, which is exactly what you need to focus on and pursue in a situation like this.

    A sign of strength and beating the odds

    Did you know that the Cat Totem signifies a true focus on strength? When you see a cat, you see a feline whose approach has changed many times to suit the current situations. Adaptability is at the core of felines, and they continue to pursue the boundaries and fully focus on growth and results. It’s an immense approach and one that has the potential to push the boundaries in a clever and fully comprehensive manner.

    The Cat Totem is all about beating the odds too. Despite their small size, cats are able to survive in any condition and they really push the boundaries to take things to the next level in a very creative and powerful way. Trusting yourself and your instinct is what you need to learn from Cat Totems, and it really goes to show the tremendous power and value.

    Defying the odds

    Cats are small, so not everyone will be able to see them as an attacker or as something important in the balance of life and nature. Yet cats have always beaten the odds and they continue to stand out in the long run. There’s a lot we can learn from cats and the stunning power that they have in our day to day life. It’s not going to be an easy thing to learn from cats, but the results can be staggering and it’s all a matter of understanding challenges and dealing with them.


    Getting your own Cat Totem will show you the affiliation with this spirit animal. It will give you more focus on power, growth and finding ways to really push it to the next level. It’s as creative as it can be, and the payoff alone can be staggering because of that!

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