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  • How many hours a day does a cat sleep?

    - By : Laura A

    How many hours a day does a cat sleep ?

    You find that your cat sleeps a lot and that worries you?

    This feline can spends a large part of its day sleeping. The cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day. Your cat's sleep must be of good quality for it to regenerate.

    But don't panic, we are passionate about this subject and know exactly how to help you. In this article you will discover :

    - What are the different phases of sleep of your cat

    - Is it normal for your cat to sleep all day long

    - Why do cats sleep a lot?

    Your cat's sleep will no longer hold any secrets for you. You'll know exactly everything there is to know about it.

    Let's find out together now. 

    What are the different sleep phases of your little feline?

    The cat sleeps an average of fourteen hours a day. It alternates phases of drowsiness, REM sleep and deep sleep. The cat's sleep characteristics are multiple and its measures of brain activity are quite similar to those of humans.

    Mental rest

    The cat's sleep is composed of long phases of twenty to thirty minutes which correspond to mental rest. Brain activity shows slow waves of large amplitude. Your kitten's breathing slows down, her muscles relax and her eyelids are closed. She's curled on her side or fully extended. In adult cats, these phases represent nine to 12 hours of total sleep. But they're almost non-existent in kittens. During this time, the cat's body regenerates to keep it healthy.

    REM sleep

    These first phases are regularly followed by fast, low amplitude wave sequences. We talk about REM sleep. Your cat sleeps soundly, but her eyes, whiskers, tail, or paws may move. Your cat seems to be dreaming. These phases are most common in kittens. The cat is the animal with the most REM sleep phases.

    Light sleep

    During this light sleep, the cat rests, but remains alert. It is ready to wake up at any time, to jump on a prey or to run away. This sleep is easily recognizable by looking at your cat's ears. They contract and turn towards the origin of the different noises.

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    How many hours a day do a cats sleep ? Is it normal for a cat to sleep all day?

    The number of hours of sleep your cat needs fluctuates primarily with age:

    - Kittens: They'll probably sleep most of the day, with a few periods of wakefulness devoted to play and food.

    - Teenage cats: They may have irregular sleep patterns combined with periods of play.

    - Adult cats: They tend to have a certain routine in their sleep cycle. They can sleep 12 hours and up to 20 hours a day.

    - Older cats: Tend to have less energy and less mobility. This means they sleep more than younger cats.

    You'll probably find that once your cat reaches adulthood, she'll begin to have a daily routine. For example, you may notice that your cat wakes up before you in the morning, spends an hour or two with you, and then goes back to sleep while you continue your busy day.

    Why do cats sleep a lot?

    Your cat spends about two-thirds of her life sleeping. This rhythm is a remnant of his lifestyle when he was alone in the wild.

    Cats are predators, and in the wild, they don't always know if they'll be able to eat enough. Like all other felines, they tend to save energy by waiting for the next meal.

    Even though the domestic cat no longer has to worry about filling his bowl regularly, sleeping is still a habit.

    Should I be worried if my cat sleeps a lot?

    It's perfectly normal for your cat to sleep a lot. There is no set amount of sleep to indicate a health problem or emergency, rather it's a matter of knowing your cat's normal sleep patterns and recognizing when her routine changes significantly.

    If you notice any changes in your cat's habits, either she is sleeping less or more, it is important to stay alert. For example, if she starts sleeping much more or much less than before, it could signal a health problem or a loss of morale. It may be wise to consult a veterinarian.

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