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    - By : Laura A

    The 5 reasons why your cat sleeps with you

    Have you ever wondered why my cat sleeps with you? There are several reasons that can explain this behavior...

    With cats, there are no real rules. They can be independent or, on the contrary, they can be a real glue pot. When your cat stays with you often, there is a good chance that he will come and sleep with you. Why is it that your favourite animal likes to stick to you so much?

    In this article, you will find 5 reasons why your cat sleeps with you.

    1- Because he feels safer

    Beyond the criteria of comfort, the cat will first and foremost choose to sleep (with one eye only) in a place where it feels calm and safe. If your pet chooses to curl up in a ball on your bed, it is indeed because it feels reassured by your presence throughout the night.

    2- Because it's HIS bed

    You know the adage: "A dog loves his owner, a cat loves his house". Cats are indeed very territorial animals, who like to feel reassured by a familiar and reassuring living environment. So if he disdains his basket to come under your duvet, it's simply because he considers your bed to be his! And yes, you live with your cat... 

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    3- Because your bed is soft

    Cats sleep a large part of the day (about 12 to 16 hours a day). To do so, he appreciates soft places. Your bed can be a place that can fulfill the necessary conditions for a good nap.

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     cat bed

    4- Because you keep him warm

    Observe your cat's attitude. The older your cat gets, the colder it will become and will tend to choose places to sleep or rest that provide a comfortable source of heat. As you can well imagine, the heat source in bed is you! So don't be surprised if your cat comes to sleep on your stomach or against your legs, it's just that it's looking for a little warmth.

    You can also offer your cat 2 alternative solutions:

    • Install a Hammock cat bed (Cat Radiator Lounge) near the radiator: your cat will be directly near the radiator and can benefit from this heat source.

    hammock cat bed

    • Install a Cat Window Bed: Your cat will be able to benefit from the warmth of the sun's rays while allowing him to have a view of the room or the outside.

    cat window bed

    5- Mainly, because he loves you!

    The main reason your cat sleeps with you is because he loves you. This is because cats are relatively independent animals when compared to dogs. This does not prevent them from quickly and easily becoming attached to their master or mistress. By sleeping in your bed, your cat simply shows you that he is looking for your presence and therefore loves you...

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