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    - By : Laura A

    The Top 8 best cat bed for a restful sleep

    The average cat sleeps 12 to 16 hours a day. The light and deep sleep cycles allow her to regenerate and be in great shape to hunt, eat, play and groom.

    Your cat spends about two thirds of her life sleeping. This rhythm is a vestige of his lifestyle when he was alone in nature. The cat is a predator, and in the wild, it does not always know if it will be able to eat enough. Like all other cats, they tend to save energy while waiting for their next meal. Even if the domestic cat no longer has to worry about filling his bowl regularly, sleeping for a long time has remained a habit. Both the kitten and the elderly cat can sleep even longer, and it is not uncommon to see them asleep for more than twenty hours a day. 

    Cat's sleep characteristics

    The cat sleeps an average of fourteen hours a day, but alternates between times of drowsiness, napping or deep sleep. The cat's sleep characteristics are multiple and its brain activity measurements are quite similar to those of humans.

    Mental Rest

    The cat's sleep is composed of long phases of twenty to thirty minutes which correspond to mental rest. Brain activity shows slow waves of great amplitude. Your cat's breathing slows down, her muscles relax, her eyelids are closed. It is rolled up on the side or completely extended. In adult cats, these phases represent nine to twelve hours of total sleep. But they are almost non-existent in kittens. Meanwhile, the cat's body regenerates itself to keep it healthy.

    The Paradoxal Sleep

    These first phases are regularly followed by fast and low amplitude wave sequences. We are talking about REM sleep. Your cat then sleeps soundly, but her eyes, whiskers, tail or legs can move. It seems your cat is dreaming. These phases are the most frequent in kittens. The cat is the animal with the most REM sleep phases.

    The Light Sleep

    During this light sleep, the cat rests, but remains alert. He is ready to wake up at any time, to jump on a prey or to run away. This sleep is easily recognized by observing your cat's ears. They are contracted and turn in the direction of the different noises.

    In this first part, it was shown the different characteristics of the cat's sleep. Sleep is fundamental to a healthy cat. In the next part, it will be listed 8 different cat bed.

    Calming cat bed

    Banana Cat Bed 

    Every cat needs a place to sleep that is not designated as a shoe box, a large vase or a closet. However, it is very likely that if you buy a bed that is weird enough for your cat, he could sleep in it!  Which, hopefully, will allow us to have a good time with this bed. This Banana Cat Bed has a peelable banana skin that allows your cat to enter and exit while maintaining the privacy she needs. Simply open the top layer of the skin to take a look at your sleeping cat inside. It is important to choose the right size of your banana cat bed according to the weight of your cat. This bed is made of super soft plush fabric with sponge padding between the fabric and provides a comfortable and warm place for your cat on a cold winter's day.

    Banana Cat Bed
    Discover our selection of Banana Cat Bed

    Cat Window Bed

    With a Cat Window Bed, you have the opportunity to offer your cat an exceptional view. Cats love to look out the window and sleep bathed in the sun's rays. The Window Bed combines several advantages which are as follows:

    • Your cat will have a high view of your home
    • He can see the outside and observe what's going on 
    • He will be able to enjoy the sun rays which will warm him up especially on cold winter days.
    • Put several window bed next to each other and your cat can play by climbing them, a bit like a cat tree

    Cat Window Beds combine all the advantages so that your cat can rest in peace.

    Cat Window Bed
    Discover our selection of Cat Window Bed

    Hammock Cat Bed

    The Hammock Cat Bed is your cat's future favourite place. The raised structure of the hammock allows the fabric to adapt to the shape of your pet's body and relieves joints. In addition, it prevents your cat from sleeping directly on hard, cold ground.

    Hammock Cat Bed
    Discover our selection of Hammock Cat Bed

    Suspended Cat Bed

    The Suspended Cat Bed can be hung on the wall, ceiling or shelf to save more space. Hanging like a swing and no longer very comfortable; it will offer your cat opportunities to play, explore, scratch or simply relax.

    Suspended Cat Bed
    Discover our selection of Suspended Cat Bed

    Cat Pillow Bed

    Your favorite animal has an exciting but sometimes stressful life. Reduce your cat's anxiety with a calming cat bed.

    The Cat Pillow Bed has been designed by specialists to be a haven of peace for your cat. The raised edge creates a sense of security, allowing your cat to calm down and relax quickly. Being at the bottom of this cat pillow bed allows for a restful sleep while relieving anxiety and stress. Its padded centre offers a very comfortable relaxation area and develops your cat's sense of security.

    Cat Pillow Bed
    Discover our selection of Cat Pillow Bed

    Cat Orthopedic Bed

    Cat Orthopedic Beds are generally made with thick padding that follows the shape of the cat's body. The denser the foam or padding, the better the bed's ability to cushion joints and eliminate pressure points. This is particularly important in animals unable to get up on their own. The thicker the bed, the easier it will be for the cat to get in and out without actually squatting to the ground. Raising the bed also allows cold surfaces to come into contact with the cat's body.

    Cat Orthopedic Bed
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    Cat Covered Bed 

    To be happy, a cat needs a warm and safe place to hide and rest. A cat normally sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day, so a comfortable place to sleep is vital to her. In nature, a confined space allows animals to hide from predators but also to trap prey. In addition, restricted and enclosed areas retain the heat that cats need. Their comfort temperature is between 30 and 36°C. Cats can thus find a form of security in a confined space. This allows them to have a restful sleep.

    Cat Covered Bed
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    Funny Cat Bed

    As we saw in the first part, cats undoubtedly master the art of sleeping. Why don't you offer them a bed that makes us laugh. Discover our Funny Cat Bed collection and choose a fun bed now.

    Funny Cat Bed

    Discover our selection of Funny Cat Bed

    Some factors can affect a cat's sleep: antibiotics, fasting, noise, the presence of a new cat in the apartment, disease, especially terminal illness in the old cat, or sometimes the presence of fleas in the floor can decrease the quality of the cat's sleep.

    Unfortunately for us, cats sleep a lot during the day and are perfectly awake when we arrive from work at night. The periods of maximum activity are in the evening at sunset and in the morning at dawn.

    When your cat is too agitated at night, try to tire him out in the evening with a long game session with moving objects (balls, string...). Some cats can wake you up at night to ask you to eat and even if their plates are full, they lure you into the kitchen because they want to eat with others.

    Take care of your cat by offering her a good night's sleep. Discover our cat bed collection now.

    Tips: Where to place the cat bed

    We recommend that you place your cat bed preferably in a quiet area. Cats appreciate the heat, especially when it is cold outside, so you can place one of the beds in a sunny place or near a radiator.

    As the cat is an independent animal, it is difficult or even impossible to impose a bed on it. If he has decided that his favourite bed is your bed or sofa, it will be difficult for you to forbid him to lie down.

    This is why it is necessary to vary your cat's sleeping arrangements, and to place them in different places in the house, in a quiet, sunny place, near a radiator or at a height. If your cat's beds are cozy and well placed, he will quickly leave your bed or sofa for them.

    The majority of our pet beds are machine washable.

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