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  • How To Make Your Cat Happy?

    - By : Laura A

    How To Make Your Cat Happy?

    Does your cat look different? Depressed? In this article, you will discover simple and effective solutions to make your cat happy. These solutions can be implemented easily and quickly.

    A - Taking care of your cat

    I - Feed your cat well

    A good diet is very important for the well-being and health of your cat. Obesity is a disease that affects more and more domestic cats. It is important for cat owners to look for quality food for their pet. It is necessary to buy age-appropriate food.
    Adjust the amount of food: Follow the instructions on the package but be careful, this is only a recommendation. Often, the manufacturer overestimates the quantities. It is important to monitor your cat's weight and adjust the portions accordingly.
    If you don't know which brand to choose, talk to your veterinarian. He is qualified to answer this question.
    Be careful with treats: It is always nice to see your cat happy. However, too much candy can lead to a significant weight gain.
    Don't leave food within reach of your cat: He will be tempted to "taste them".

    II - Keep your cat healthy

    Cats, like humans, can get a variety of diseases both outside and inside the house. It is important to take your cat to the vet at least twice a year for a check-up. Your cat must be sterilized to prevent unwanted babies and reduce the risk of feline HIV.
    In more and more countries, it is becoming mandatory to sterilize your cats to keep the cat population under control.
    Don't forget to ask for regular de-worming and flea treatment, especially if your cat spends a lot of time outdoors. It is very unpleasant for them to scratch all the time.
    Stay alert for any unusual changes in your cat: rapid weight loss, lack of energy, aggressive behaviour, injury, etc.

    III - Keep your environment clean

    Cats are very clean animals. Being odourless is essential for hunting and survival. That's why they are very sensitive to odours and require an impeccable environment to be happy.
    Do not wash your cat. They are perfectly able to stay clean and will make daily toilets to be odourless and clean. Wash the animal only if it is exceptionally dirty or has come into contact with a toxic product.
    Keep the litter box pleasant and cool. Cats bury their saddles to avoid detection. It is in their nature to expect clean litter. Change it at least twice a week and collect their droppings once a day.
    Some accessories help to prevent the cat's litter from spreading throughout the house, such as cat litter mat. Discover our article "what is a cat litter mat and why should I have one". 

    IV - Pay attention to your cat, pet him

    Cats like to interact with their owners. Try to cuddle your cat at least twice a day and make sure you talk to her. Most cats love to be caressed behind the ears, on both sides of the nose and under their chin.
    Always pet the cat from forehead to tail. Place your hand on your head and follow the spine. Don't go in the opposite direction of their fur, most cats hate it.
    Avoid touching his tail and legs, cats don't like that.
    If he trusts you, a cat can let you pet his belly. However, if he does not want to, do not force him, you may stress the animal.
    Cats don't like to be touched for too long. If the animal shows signs of exasperation or stress, stop immediately.
    Cats are sometimes unpredictable. Always stay with a child when he caresses a cat. Show your child how to gently touch the cat and avoid fast movements. Learn to detect when the cat is no longer receptive and begins to get annoyed. This will prevent aggressive behaviour from your cat.

    Happy cat - cat playing

    V - Offer him a peace offering with a Cat Bed

    Cats are very sleepy and spend a large part of their day sleeping. This is why it is important to offer them a rest area where they feel safe and can sleep in peace. Cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day. They alternate between light, REM sleep or mental rest. Discover our article on "The Top 8 best cat bed for a restful sleep" and our Cat bed collection.

    cat bed

    B - Stimulate the cat in the house

    I - Give your cat some freedom

    As mentioned above, cats need their own private space to feel happy. Don't try to always interact with them and let them come to you. Leave the cat in a quiet place in the house where children will not harass them.
    The cat doesn't need a lot of space: Cats love confined spaces. We offer a wide selection of Cat Beds.
    Let your cat observe the world through the window. They love watching birds and people through the window. A cat window bed can be a solution to provide your cat with a prime observation post.

    II - Keep your cat busy

    Cats are independent animals and take care of themselves when you are at work. However, you can make sure they have enough toys to keep them busy. We offer you a wide selection of toys. When you go home, don't forget to play! Cats need exercise.
    Plan a scratching post so that your cat gets her claws on it, otherwise your couch will suffer.
    Propose a selection of toys for your cat

    III - Adopt another cat

    Cats are solitary animals but are also happy to have company. You might consider taking another cat if you have a long working day, if you have space and energy. Don't forget to castrate them. To introduce the new chat, proceed as follows:
    The first cat will often be hostile at first. First isolate the new cat and let him get used to the room. Your older cat will not see it but will be able to smell it.
    Introduce your cats at mealtimes but place bowls at each end of the room. Separate them after the meal and start again for the next few days.
    After a few more days, let them meet but watch them. In case of violence, separate them quickly and repeat the next day.

    How To Make Your Cat Happy? - Let your cat explore the outdoors

    C - Let your cat explore the outdoors

    This part is not applicable in all cases. If you cannot have outdoor space, plan a lot of occupancy for your indoor cat. Stimulate your hunting instinct.

    I - Organizing your garden

    You need to think about a few things before you let your cat out. You must provide a quiet place where the cat can rest. Cats love to take a nap in the garden. Find a place in the shade and protect it from the rain. Equip your door with a cat door so that your pet can come and go freely. Place some food in a protected area.
    Be careful about the food you leave outside. Make sure it is not eaten by other animals.
    Bring your cat for a check-up before you leave him outside. Discuss potential hazards with your veterinarian.

    II - Let your cat out

    There are many debates about whether a cat can really be kept happy inside an apartment. However, there are ways to try to compensate for the confinement. Your cat is a predator and will enjoy it outdoors. It's a great way to keep your cat in shape.
    Be careful if you live near a busy road.
    Follow your cat for the first few days and don't let him go too far. Your cat needs time to get used to its new environment.
    Look for other cats. They may consider your garden as their territory and consider your cat a threat.
    Don't trust your fences too much to keep the cat in the garden. They will inevitably find a way to escape.
    It may be wise to keep a collar on your cat, but some cats may be hung on fences with their collar, which can lead to suffocation. Buy a detachable collar that comes off if pulled. A microchip is another option, and most rescuers and veterinarians scan them before handling the animal.

    III - Let your cat hunt

    Don't try to stop your cat from hunting. Your cat, like its cousin the lion, is a predator with a hunting instinct. Remember to make sure there are no dangerous animals outdoors. You don't want your cat to fall prey to it!
    Never punish him if he has hunted and killed another animal. The cat will not understand why he is being punished.
    Keep in mind that pet cats hunt for pleasure, not just when they are hungry.
    Do not leave your cat outdoors if you live in an area where small endangered species live.

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