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  • Why are cats afraid of water

    - By : Laura A

    Why are cats afraid of water

    Why are cats afraid of water? This is a question that many people (especially cat owners) may have asked themselves.

    Forcing a cat into water can be a traumatic experience for that pet.

    But don't panic, we are passionate about this animal and know the reasons for this fear.

    Let's discover together now why cats are afraid of water.

            I. Why are cats afraid of water: explanations

    As a general rule, cats don't like water, although not everyone does. We have often seen cats go from water to water without any problem.

    Have you ever tried to get your cat wet, either by sprinkling it with a few drops or by trying to wash it. Have you seen her reaction?

    This can be explained by its origins

    The origin of this fear can be found in the evolution of this small feline. The domestic cat has for ancestor the wild cat of Arabia, as you know it is a region of the arid globe (without water). It is therefore easy to understand that learning to swim has never been an advantage from the evolutionary point of view of this species.

    A coat that gets heavier

    When a cat is totally wet, its coat, soaked with water, becomes heavier, which has consequences on its mobility/agility. Thus, the water slows down their movements. If a cat finds itself immersed, its movements are no longer as lively and it doesn't like it at all.

    In addition, their coat contains a certain amount of sebum (like humans), which is more oily, so the water dries more slowly.

    Because of the cold

    When a cat is completely wet, its body temperature drops considerably. Short-haired cats generally have little fur and therefore water reaches their skin more easily. Cats will have negative experiences especially with water that is too cold.

    wet cat

          II. There are exceptions

    Some cat breeds like water, swim and feel good in it. They like to drink directly from the tap, play in it or even stick their head in it.

    There is also a breed of cat, the turkish vans, which generally like water and are sometimes called "the swimming cat". This type of cat has a body more suited for swimming.

    Maine Coons are also known to love water. Despite a fur made up of long hairs, their sturdy bodies are adapted to stand in the water.

    The Bengal cat is also an excellent swimmer. They have a natural instinct to play in the water.

        III. How to get your cat used to taking a bath

    Cats don't really need to bathe. However, it can happen that your cat gets dirty or soiled. There are ways to make the bathing experience more comfortable.

    Be aware that if you get your cat used to taking a bath while it is still a kitten, you will find it easier to bathe it when it is an adult.

    If your cat did not seem to particularly enjoy being bathed, even if it was necessary, try giving him a small ration of cat food once he is clean and dry again. That way, he will gradually be able to associate this moment with something positive, like a reward.

       IV. Conclusion

    As you can see, cats are scared of water for many reasons. This is due to their origin, to the fact that it reduces their mobility or that they are cold.

    With all this information, you now know the reasons why cats are afraid of water.

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