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  • Why are cats scared of cucumbers

    - By : Laura A

    Why are cats scared of cucumbers

    We've all seen videos of cats jumping when they see a cucumber as they walk around on the internet. This leads to the following question: Why are cats scared of cucumbers ?

    These videos have probably made you smile, even if they shouldn't, because if they are funny for you, it's not the case for the cat who is scared. This little fright can have consequences for your cat.

    But don't panic, we are passionate about this little furry animal and know exactly how to help you. In this article, you will discover :

    -         Why cats are afraid of cucumbers ?

    -         Do cucumbers actually scare cats?

    -         Why cats are afraid of this harmless cucurbit?

    The reaction of these kitten will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will know exactly what causes this fear in this feline.

    Let's find out together now.

    Why are cats scared of cucumbers: Fear of predators

    Following the virality of some videos of cats jumping at the mere sight of a cucumber, experts have tried to explain this behavior. For experts, the most likely hypothesis is that this reaction is due to the fear of the unknown and the fear they feel when they come face to face with natural predators (fear of snakes).

    Your feline will also be surprised if you put down another food or object, he will have this reaction as long as he sees something he has never seen just before plunging his head into his bowl or falling asleep. This object will have invaded his personal space without him noticing it.

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    Causing your feline to be afraid of cucumbers can ruin his confidence in you and put him under stress

    Experiments often place the cucumber behind the cat when the feline is eating. The location of its bowl being a "safety zone", when it turns around it is simply surprised as a human would be. Some felines will not react to the intrusion, identifying the vegetable as such or not being afraid of it, but others will have a violent reaction.

    Animal behaviourists, on the other hand, do not find the idea of surprising your cat with a cucumber hilarious. "If it causes stress to your pet, it's probably not a good thing," says one behaviourist. In fact, scaring your pet to death could irreparably damage the trust it has placed in you. Your cat will no longer feel safe in his home and if you scare him when he eats, you may endanger his health.

    There are other ways to have fun with your feline, with many cat toys that exist to have a good time with your tomcat.


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