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  • Siamese cat, an exceptional companion

    - By : Laura A

    Siamese cat, an exceptional companion

    You want to adopt a new cat at home? Are you interested in Siamese cats?

    The choice of a new pet is not an insignificant choice because it must be made according to several parameters (lifestyle, if you have children, if you have other animals, ...).

    But don't panic, we are passionate about this subject and know exactly how to help you. In this article, you will discover :

    • What is a Siamese cat and its origin?
    • What does a siamese cat look like ?
    • The important things to know about this breed.

    Siamese cats will have no more secrets for you. You will know all the information you need to know about this feline.

    Let's discover all this together now.

    The history of the Siamese cat

    The origins of the Siamese date back to the 15th century, even the 14th century, if we believe the manuscripts dating from that time and discovered in Ayatthaya, the capital of the kingdom of Siam (now Thailand). The German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas (1741 - 1811) also evoked cats with characteristics similar to those of the Siamese, present in Asia during this period.

    2 cats still unknown at the time, with the Siamese appearance, were presented at the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London in 1871. During the 1885 edition, a couple of Siamese, named Pho and Mia, attracted the attention of the visitors. They belonged to the sister of Major Gould, English consul in Bangkok, who brought them from Thailand as a gift.

    Recognized 4 years later, the breed began to gain popularity in the inter-war period. The first Siamese of the time were mainly seal point, chocolate, blue and lilac point cats also began to be selected.

    On both sides of the Atlantic, slightly different developments of the breed occurred. While breeders in the United States favored elegance of body and length of head, English breeders favored lower set, larger ears and an oriental eye shape.

    The Siamese breed was recognized by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFé) in 1945.

    Siamese cat

    Where are siamese cats from

    The Siamese cat is one of the first clearly recognized Asian cat breeds. It is derived from the local Wichianmat breed, one of the many varieties of cats native to Thailand (formerly known as Siam).

    Breeds derived from Siamese

    Several other cat breeds were then created from Siamese: Balinese, Bengal Cat, Birman, Havana Brown, Colorpoint Shorthair, Himalayan, Javanese, Ocicat, Oriental, Savannah, Snowshoe, Thai Cat, Tonkinese and Mekong Bobtail.

    siamese cat

    What are Siamese cats personality

    The Siamese is a cat that often goes to extremes in its behavior. It is also a cat of changing moods. Thus, he can be very sweet and endearing one day, then become much more capricious the next day.

    To make himself understood, he does not hesitate to give voice. It is, indeed, an extremely talkative feline. It is a fact to be taken into account at the time of adopting one, because this characteristic can be annoying at times.

    Social and endowed with a strong personality, the Siamese is a cat that does not like solitude. Combined with boredom, this can lead to undesirable behaviors such as destruction.

    Are siamese cats friendly

    The Siamese is a pleasant companion. He knows how to give affection, he is very attached to his master and likes to follow him everywhere. They are also particularly athletic and, as such, need to be frequently stimulated by activities, games and interactive toys. A large cat tree at his disposal also allows him to fully express his athletic qualities and agility.

    The Siamese cat is always looking for presence and cuddles. He is inexhaustible! He loves long cuddling sessions and we appreciate his sometimes noisy purring. This is a highly intelligent and loves to play cat breed.


    Are Siamese cats aggressive?

    Siamese cats are generally more aggressive and territorial than other breeds. Anger can be attributed to lack of attention, hunger, hormonal changes, fear of a new environment and compulsive actions. They normally show aggression towards other cats, not humans.

    Do Siamese cats get lonely?

    Siamese cats are super friendly and social. They create a strong bond with a person, and if it's you, you're probably going to miss out when you're away for the day. Although cats are known to be more independent than dogs, they always like to have you with them.

    If you leave your cat alone for too long, he may feel lonely, restless and depressed. When this happens, you may return home in chaos, shredded sofas, torn toilet paper, scratched walls, etc.

    Are Siamese twins smart

    Endowed with many qualities, we particularly note its intelligence. One of its particularities is its ease in learning the rules. It adapts perfectly to your way of life, and adapts to changes in your environment, as long as it stays with its masters.

    Indeed, contrary to other cat breeds, the Siamese develops an attachment to humans rather than to its territory. It will be very easy for you to adopt a small Siamese and teach him your rules. The Siamese is also a very good observer. He will be able to analyze your emotions, but also to know your habits.

    What does a Siamese cat look like

    The Siamese weighs between 2 and 6 kg and measures about 30 cm. It is a medium sized cat with colorful ears, paws and tail.

    His body

    He has an elegant body, with fine bones and well developed muscles. The neck is relatively long and fine, the legs are long, the paws are fine and oval in shape. It can have several body types.

    Its hair

    It has a short, shiny coat that lies close to the body. They are silky to the touch and it is without undercoat.

    His color

    Their classic color, or at least, the most frequently encountered color is seal-point. This type of coat is characterized by a darker coat at the extremities of the body. There are also other dresses such as classic chocolate, lilac, tabby, cream or tortie.

    His head

    Wedge-shaped, it is triangular when viewed from the front. The muzzle is thin, the profile line straight and the chin well marked.


    The eyes of the Siamese are almond-shaped and of an intense blue. They give the cat a typically oriental look.

    His ears

    They are large in size, wide at their attachment, fitting into the triangular shape of the head.

    Its tail

    It is long and tapering, it is inscribed in the continuity of the long conformation of the body.

    How long do siamese cats live

    The Siamese cat has a long life expectancy. Cats of this energetic Asian breed often live between 15 and 20 years, and many of them live beyond this period. This is an important figure, even if it is still far from the longevity of Nutmeg who lived 32 years.

    However, some Siamese cats die well before the age of 15, like all cat breeds. All Siamese cats are different and, depending on basic general health and life circumstances, they can live very long or very short lives - much like human beings.

    siamese kittens

    Diseases specific to Siamese people

    Many cats of the breed are born with genetic disorders, including pronounced strabismus.

    The Siamese breed is often particularly susceptible to health problems, including breathing difficulties, glaucoma, calcium oxalate bladder stones, chronic kidney failure and cross-eyedness. Some of these health problems can indeed have an effect on a cat's lifespan.

    It is therefore very important to take good care of your Siamese, whether it is with a quality diet, regular care or visits to the veterinarian.

    Cohabitation with a Siamese cat

    Cohabitation with children

    The Siamese cat is a very cuddly, soft and affectionate cat, quite lively, he will enjoy playing with children without ever pulling out a claw. Extroverted by nature, it will be the ideal companion for shy and introverted children.

    Of course children will have to learn to respect him and not consider him as a teddy but as a living being with a very endearing personality.

    Sociable with other animals

    Siamese Siamese enjoy the company of other animals and, even though they are particularly fond of being with other cats, they are quite capable of cohabiting with a dog.

    siamese cat and dog

    With strangers

    The Siamese can be shy with strangers: it is important to provide small hiding places in the house where he will be able to isolate himself during visits.

    Are siamese cats hypoallergenic? Why are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

    The Siamese cat is one of the most recognizable cat breeds by their characteristics but it is considered hypoallergenic. The extra short hair of the Siamese limits the loss of hair and their beautiful coat that comes in four traditional colors.

    How much is a siamese cat

    The price of a Siamese varies according to the country and the breeder. Its price can vary between 400 and 1 000$. However, if both parents have championship status, the price can reach 1500$. Adult Siamese cats are more expensive than Siamese kittens and cost up to 2000$ and more.

    The annual maintenance cost of the Siamese is between 500 and 800$.

    How to care for your Siamese cat

    The maintenance of the Siamese does not involve any particular difficulty. It is the same as for most cats, with the basic care to be taken on a daily basis, and others such as brushing, which should be done once a week.


    The Siamese cat, like all cats, needs a regular feeding rhythm and a diet adapted to its nutritional needs; if it is spayed or neutered and doesn't spend much energy, it will be necessary to limit the quantities so that it doesn't become overweight. It is better to supplement the diet with adapted kibbles, if possible recommended by the veterinarian - avoid supermarket products because pedigree cats have a fragile stomach.

    Beware of milk and cream-based products, which they love, but which are not easily digestible (see our article "Can cats eat cheese?"). As treats, we prefer products designed for this purpose that have the advantage of making him chew and therefore strengthen his teeth; we can also give him small pieces of cartilage, chicken or other poultry, but avoid at all costs anything that contains bones and limit human food.

    Personal hygiene

    Weekly brushing helps maintain a healthy coat and skin, while reducing hairballs that can form in the digestive tract. It is to pay particular attention to the maintenance of his claws, the contour of his eyes and ears. The Siamese can be washed occasionally if it has become too dirty, provided that it has gotten used to baths in its youth and use a suitable cat shampoo. Discover our cat brush collection to take care of your cat's coat.

    The maintenance of Siamese twins is particularly important when participating in cat shows.


    You have understood it, the Siamese is a very affectionate, endearing and playful cat breed.

    With all this information, you are now an expert concerning the Siamese cat.

    Choosing a cat is not a decision to be taken lightly: you must be 100% sure of your choice.

    This is why we suggest that you first inquire in order to choose a breed of cat adapted to your personal situation.

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