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    Do you dream of merging PASSION and MONEY

    The Cat Paradise exceptionally accepts new ambassadors for a LIMITED TIME. 

    The Cat Paradise is not just another cat toy store. It is a shop for real cat lovers. It is for people who are proud to show their love for cats on a daily basis.

    The Cat Paradise is delighted to offer you a partnership! The principle is simple: 


    Step #1: Send your candidate application by clicking on the button "SEND YOUR CANDIDATURE" and fill in the form. 

    Step #2: If your application is accepted you will have access to a dashboard. There you will find your affiliate link and promo code to share. 

    Step #3: Start promoting our site and earn your commissionsJoin a real community of cat lovers now.  


    Am I eligible? 

    Anyone can apply to become an ambassador for The Cat Paradise. 

    We accept influencers, bloggers, website owners, clients... In short, anyone who truly loves cats, jewelry and everything related to our favorite animal. Once you have joined our ranks, you can use your affiliate links immediately to promote our products via : 

         - Blog Articles

         - Advertising Banners

         - E-mail address

         - Social Networks

         - YouTube video

         - Etc...


    With The Cat Paradise, you have complete freedom. We provide you with everything you need to recommend us to your friends, subscribers, visitors. Then, it is up to you to promote our products as you wish. No matter what your experience, you can start making money today!



    How does affiliation work?


    Here is the process: you promote our site, a person buys an item, you receive a commission on the sales made. 


         - Step #1 - 10% per transaction (0 - 20 sales)

         - Step #2 - 12% per transaction (20 - 100 sales)

         - Step #3 - 15% per transaction (>100 sales)


    Every time someone clicks on your Affiliate Link and/or uses your personalized Discount Code, your commission automatically accumulates in your Dashboard. 

    Note: to obtain your personalized discount code (example: THECATPAR10) just contact us: contact@the-cat-paradise.com



    I'm not interested in money... 


    If you are not interested in commissions and simply prefer to buy one of our products, it is quite possible to exchange the accumulated money for items from our Online Store at very attractive prices! 


    o For example: you have accumulated 10 dollars of commission, we offer you a bracelet of your choice. The list of prices will be provided on request to partners who have already made a certain number of sales. 

    If you have any questions, start by consulting the "instructions" section of your dashboard, then send us a message at contact@the-cat-paradise.com



         - Free registration and instant payments: Register and receive your payments immediately and without delay. 

         - Choose the products you want to promote: There are campaigns to promote in all possible fields: jewellery, accessories and objects... Our online market contains hundreds of products from which you can choose. Within our network, you will always find the right offer to offer to your audience. 

         - Fees and commissions: Simple and generous Affiliate Program (10 to 15% per sale) 


         - Simple and user-friendly dashboard: Dashboard, Affiliate Links and Custom Discount Code 


         - Cookies: Efficient tracking system (Cookies = 180 days) 


         - Fast and secure payment: The payment method is monthly and very fast. Take advantage of our unique prepayment system. The automatic and secure payment available is PayPal.


         - You will belong to a real community: You will join a real community of cat lovers and passionate about their world.


    Apply now by clicking on the "SEND YOUR CANDIDATURE" button.